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Avocado Pesto

Avocado Pesto

🥑🧑‍🍳This pesto recipe is SO delicious you’ll be adding it to your regular recipe rotation! Use it as a sauce on burgers, over your veggies and whole grains, or in wraps. It...

Posted: August 09, 2022

When life has you feeling like Whac-A-Mole

Hey, do you remember Whac-A-Mole? You know, the arcade game where a mole keeps popping up in unpredictable spots and it’s your job to smack it on the head? Well, that’s kind of like how stress works....

Posted: August 08, 2022

Turn Your Body into a Cleaner Machine

Controversial topic ahead! It includes the “D” word – detox!!! BUT … it’s different than you think. What if instead of talking about “detoxing” the body, we “detoxed” what we put in, on, and around ...

Posted: August 04, 2022

Simple Tip for Crushing Fitness Goals

What would your fitness routine look like if it were easy? Fact: Most of us LOVE to make things complicated. There’s even a term for it: “complexity bias.” Complexity bias is when you decide to ma...

Posted: August 02, 2022

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