Welcome to Aptitude

Welcome to Aptitude

Welcome to Aptitude!

Get in a Good Sweat, in Good Company

A challenging workout or a casual get-together with friends? We said, "why not have both?" And
just like that, Aptitude Fitness was born.

Alright, there was more to it than that but ever since the beginning we wanted to create a fitness
studio where anyone could walk in, feel right at home, and know they'll get the support they need to reach their goals.

We truly believe you don't have to accept that what you can do today is the most you can do.

Whether you're an endurance athlete training for your longest race or fastest time, a mom wanting tof eel like herself again, or someone wanting to know they can move through their day without limits, our classes, trainings, and coaching are all designed to get you there.

We're all about helping you find your ability to be stronger and more confident so you don't have to keep worrying if you'll be able to lift your grandkids, make it through the hardest mile of the marathon, or be judged for not knowing what you're doing at the gym.

With Aptitude, you'll be amazed at what you can do.