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For a single payment of $30, enjoy unlimited access to a variety of fitness classes for an entire month. From intensive strength training to calming yoga, explore different workouts fitting your unique fitness journey. Plus, benefit from our accountability coaching and a free nutrition consultation. It's your all-in-one package to jumpstart your fitness goals.

Your Journey Begins at APTITUDE


Why not fuse the exhilaration of a challenging workout with the comfort of a friendly gathering? That's exactly what we did. Thus, Aptitude Fitness took shape.

Of course, it wasn't as simple as that, but our essence has always been to establish a fitness hub where anyone and everyone feel welcomed and assured of the support they need to achieve their goals.

At Aptitude, we staunchly believe that your current performance is not the ceiling of your capabilities.

Whether you are an endurance athlete preparing for your next big race, a mother yearning to regain her fitness, or someone who wishes to go about their day unimpeded by physical limitations, our range of classes, training regimes, and personalized coaching are engineered to guide you there.

Our mission is to help you unlock your potential to be stronger and more confident. So, you can set aside concerns about whether you can lift your grandkids, power through the grueling mile of the marathon, or feel out of place at the gym.

Because at Aptitude, we're not just about workouts; we're about instilling a sense of wonder at what you are truly capable of.

Welcome to Aptitude, where we witness everyday miracles of transformation.

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Location: 8033 University Blvd, Clive, IA 50325

Email: info@aptitudedsm.com

Phone: 515-732-5744